Why Ignoring Commercial HVAC Maintenance Can be Disastrous

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commercial HVAC maintenance

Commercial HVAC maintenance is an important consideration for property managers, yet it’s often overlooked by those who tend toward reactionary management over preventive actions. Ignoring HVAC maintenance is only too easy to do in the moment, but this seemingly small error can cost you big down the road. In Tampa’s hot climate, you don’t want to be without air conditioning for even a short period of time. Protect the comfort of your employees and clients alike by avoiding the disastrous results of a neglected commercial HVAC system.

Energy Efficiency Plummets

Energy efficiency should be a prime concern for any building manager. Operating more efficiently gives your company boasting rights as a green, eco-friendly business that has the environment in mind. Energy efficiency will also trim your everyday operating expenses so you can pad your budget nicely on a regular basis. HVAC systems are responsible for 39 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings. If you want to go greener, this is an obvious place to start.

Regular commercial HVAC maintenance reduces your energy costs anywhere from 5 to 40 percent. Maintaining adequate refrigerant levels alone can reduce your chiller energy consumption up to 20 percent. Implementing a water treatment program and regularly cleaning the tubes in centrifugal chillers improves energy consumption 15 percent if hazardous microbes are present. Removing iron and scale deposits increases those savings to as much as 20 percent. If you want to spend less on utilities, regular maintenance is one of the easiest solutions.

The System’s Lifespan Gets Shorter

Commercial HVAC systems that don’t receive the proper maintenance will have a notably shorter lifespan than those that are cared for properly. Regular wear and tear takes a significant toll on air conditioning systems. Maintenance visits help mitigate some of this strain by cleaning internal components, adjusting belts, tightening connections, and lubricating moving parts. These essential activities will help your system perform as smoothly as possible, and give it a long healthy lifespan.

Repairs Cost More

Waiting for your commercial HVAC system to break down is the worst way to handle repairs. Don’t hold off until something is noticeably wrong. With regular maintenance visits, you can catch problems before you’re left without heat or air conditioning. The earlier an issue is detected, the smaller and more affordable the repair will be.

Over time, minor issues will simply build, expanding to effect surrounding elements of the system until you need a costly repair or even a complete replacement of your HVAC system. Schedule an annual visit from commercial HVAC contractors in Tampa, FL to make sure you’re catching potential problems early and fixing them long before there’s a detectable issue.

Your Warranties are Voided

If your system is under warranty, the fine print undoubtedly mandates that you schedule regular maintenance visits for it. If you neglect the required maintenance, your warranty is voided. These types of commercial HVAC agreements are always contingent upon proper care and tune-ups. Overlooking these annual visits can become a very costly mistake if your system fails within the warranty period but you’re unable to qualify for a replacement.

Build a strong ongoing relationship with commercial HVAC contractors in Tampa, FL to ensure that your system is always operating at peak efficiency. If you’re due for a maintenance visit, contact Tropic-Kool Engineering at 727-581-2824. We’ll get you back in shape quickly.



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