Building Automation

building automation

Managing a commercial building is complex and time-consuming. Adding a smart automation  system can dramatically change and enhance many of the routines within your building. Improve your energy efficiency and comfort at once with the right automation solutions for your commercial space.

Building Automation Systems from Carrier

Put your building management on autopilot with building automation systems from Carrier. Here are just some of the advantages of the building automation systems we install:

Advanced Software Tools

Carrier’s building automation software systems offer a web-based interface with protocols for both BACnet and Carrier Comfort Network (CCN). These systems give you 24/7 control every day of the year, whether you’re on the property or not.

Informative Sensors

Building sensors give you a wealth of information that you can use to streamline your climate controls and automate your system for optimum efficiency. The more information you can gather, the better equipped you are utilize your building automation systems. Carrier offers sensors for airside, packaged outdoor, and split systems.

You can monitor temperatures and relative humidity indoors, outdoors, and even in your ducts. This information will help you check variances and adjust your settings appropriately so that you’re using as little energy as possible while still keeping your indoor environment comfortable.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) and CO2 sensors offer a wealth of additional information. With IAQ sensors connected to Carrier control systems, you can automatically adjust ventilation to make sure an adequate amount of outside air is getting into the building, so employees aren’t trapped in an over-tight envelope with poor IAQ levels.

Convenient Touchscreen Technology

Carrier’s touchscreen building automation systems put awesome control at your fingertips. With just a few taps, you can adjust the temperature and humidity not only for the present moment, but for future time periods as well. Multi-level password protection will keep occupants from adjusting the settings, while facility managers can log in and view trends, schedules, configuration, and alarms.

Networking and System Integration

Networking and system integration tools let you build a complete building automation system that will handle settings for every part of your facility. Whether you’re managing a small retail shop or a massive multi-unit building, you can keep all the information you need in one simple place, easily accessible online.

Professional Installation for Comprehensive Building Automation

Are you ready to take control of temperatures, humidity settings, air quality, and energy efficiency in a whole new way? Building automation systems give you more information than ever while offering simple and intuitive ways to make the most of it. Take building management to a new level with a Carrier automation system.

At Tropic-kool Engineering, we have the experience and knowledge you need to harness the true potential of building automation systems. Contact us today and we’ll analyze your commercial needs and help you find the right installation. Our friendly technicians can get you set up with a new automated upgrade in no time.