What is VRF – Variable Refrigerant Flow

Tropic-kool Engineering offers Carrier (VRF) products that give you increased control, comfort, and efficiency. Don’t waste your resources trying to adapt a standard system that’s appropriate for residential buildings to the massive square footage of a commercial or industrial facility. Alert AC has the custom solutions you need with VRF air systems.

How Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems Work

VRF systems feature a single outdoor condensing unit with up to 40 indoor fan coil units. As the name suggests, the condensing unit in the system can send a variable amount of heating and cooling to each fan. Separate evaporation components can send either heating or cooling to specified parts of the building to meet each area’s unique requirements. You can even simultaneously heat and cool different areas.

Each indoor fan coil in the system can operate with a different refrigerant flow and fan speed. These variations give you an outstanding level of control over the climate in each part of your building.

Why Commercial Buildings Need VRF Systems

Variable flow systems are ideal for commercial buildings, because they allow you to treat each part of the construction as its own individual unit. You can keep the warehouse cooler to protect the items stored there or make your employees more comfortable as they work in strenuous conditions. In the office or retail areas of a mixed-use facility, you may want a slightly warmer temperature.

A VRF system lets you take into consideration specialized needs. If you have a large bank of computers or other electrical equipment in one room, it will need a higher fan speed and cooler temperatures. A storage area where you’re stashing paper and office supplies can be warmer with far lower fan speeds.

Saving Money with Variable Settings

With a well-programmed Variable Flow system, you’re only using energy when you need to. There’s no need to flood an empty part of your building with crisp cool air in the summer, or heat an unoccupied suite in the winter. The variable settings allow you to set the appropriate temperature and airflow for every area of your commercial workspace. This reduces your energy usage so that you can lower your utility bills and operate a greener business.

Set up a Variable Refrigerant Flow System Now

Are you sold on the benefits of a VRF system for your commercial space? Just contact Alert AC. We’ll help you analyze your building usage, design a custom system, and plan the installation process. You can transform your HVAC system and dramatically reduce energy usage in no time with the help of our experienced technicians. Upgrade to the system and services you really need with a variable refrigerant flow system from Carrier.