If you have recently installed a commercial HVAC system, your next step should be to verify that your system is working as intended. And if you’re unsure of whether your system has ever been tested and balanced, that goes double. You need a certified HVAC test and balance (T&B) to ensure your building’s HVAC is operating at optimal efficiency.

Fortunately, the Tropic-Kool Engineering, LLC team has the necessary expertise to ensure your system is delivering the requisite air quantities to all air outlets under industry-standard conditions. From restaurants to retail spaces to hotel chains, Tropic-Kool is certified to serve any size business.

What is HVAC Testing & Balancing?

It is important that your commercial HVAC system has been tested and balanced. An unbalanced system can cause a number of indoor air quality (IAQ) deficiencies and other issues, including:

  • Humidity problems (fogged-over windows, mold, etc.)
  • Negative building pressure
  • Damage to your physical facilities
  • Sweating diffusers and slick floors
  • Drafts and energy loss
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Poor exhaust from exhaust hoods (commercial kitchens)
  • High energy bills and rapid cycling
  • Other health and safety issues

If your building’s HVAC system is properly balanced, then these issues will be non-existent. Employees and customers will be productive and comfortable, and the air quality of your building will be high.

Knowing when Air Balancing is Necessary

Your system should undergo testing and balancing in a number of situations:

    • New Construction: Rest assured your system has been installed according to design specs with our certified T&B report.
    • Replacement of Equipment: Just finished replacing your commercial HVAC equipment? Make sure it’s running as intended.
    • Remodeling and Retrofitting Your Building: Changing your building’s layout means changing its airflow and potentially its IAQ; make sure that doesn’t happen with a T&B evaluation.
    • Rebalancing and Realigning: Your system can become misaligned and require recalibration every few years.
    • Reported Comfort Issues: If you’re receiving reports of comfort issues like negative building pressure or moldy ceiling tiles, then these issues require investigation and immediate resolution.
    • Custom Commercial HVAC Testing & Balancing Solutions: No two businesses are alike, so how does a one-size-fits-all approach to T&B make sense? Our team specializes in creating custom solutions for businesses just like yours.

Commercial HVAC T&B Solutions for the Tampa Bay Area

If you’re searching for HVAC testing and balancing for your Tampa Bay area business, then you don’t need to look any further. Tropic-Kool is your go-to provider for testing and balancing your HVAC system. We service businesses in Largo, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the surrounding areas. Call us today, and let’s get started planning your HVAC test and balance solution today.