Commercial HVAC System

Commercial AC system

Air Condition System

Your commercial HVAC system is a crucial part of your property, contributing to comfort, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Make sure you have the commercial AC units you need by turning to the knowledgeable professionals at Tropic-Kool Engineering for your heating and cooling needs.

Airside System


Airside systems handle distribution for your commercial property, from beams and coils to induction units, air handlers, and air terminals. The right airside installation will deliver efficient circulation, quiet operation, and high indoor air quality. Carrier’s airside systems are designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications so that you’ll get the custom solutions your building needs.

Air Handlers, Air Terminals, Beams, Coils, Fan Coils, Induction Unit, Underfloor Air Distribution, Unit Ventilators


carrier-23xrv-chiller-smWith a wide range of types, capacities and sustainable refrigerant options, Carrier is a leader in chiller options. With non-ozone depleting refrigerant, simple installation, superior efficiency and powerful controls, these units are ideal for both replacement and new construction projects. Our innovative chiller solutions are designed to bring efficient, reliable cooling to all types of large commercial applications.

Chillers, Chiller Components

System Controls

ac controls

Your commercial HVAC system is only as efficient as the settings you input. While a custom installation is a start, you need a sleek control system at your fingertips to help you get the most out of your commercial AC units. Carrier offers a comprehensive line of sensors, thermostats, and HVAC controllers that give you access to all the crucial settings that will impact comfort and productivity in your facility.

Building Automation, BACnet HVAC Contollers, Carrier Comfort Network, Sensors, Thermostats, Carrier Controls Expert

Ductless System

ductless system

Whether you’re outfitting a historic building with commercial AC units, or you’re simply looking for a fast, space-saving solution for your commercial HVAC installation, ductless systems can meet your needs. Free from the hassle and complexity of ductwork, they offer quiet operation and efficient heating and cooling that will work with nearly any zoning and construction requirements.

Packaged Indoor Units

packaged Indoor Unit

Packaged indoor systems pull together everything you need for workplace comfort and efficiency in one comprehensive installation. With a wide selection of indoor self-contained units and water source heat pump units to choose from, you can find a streamlined system that meets all your specifications.

Indoor Self-Contained Units, Water Source Heat Pump Units

Packaged Outdoor Units

62D Dedicated Outdoor Air Unit (JPG)

Tropic-kool offers a complete line of packaged outdoor systems including WeatherExpert™ products with IEER ratings as high as 3 to 5 tons. Rooftop installations, packaged outdoor units, and dedicated outdoor air systems are readily available.

Packaged Outdoor Units, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems

kitchen exhaust hoodsYour commercial kitchen exhaust hood system is one of the most important components of your restaurant’s ventilation system. Our CaptiveAire hood systems will efficiently remove  humidity, odors, and airborne particulates from your commercial kitchen. These systems are ideal for ensuring your establishment complies with all kitchen ventilation and health code regulations

Split Systems

split system

Integrate your heating and cooling systems seamlessly with split systems featuring outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps alongside indoor air handlers. Let Alert AC’s knowledgeable HVAC technicians help you design the best commercial HVAC system for your property.

Split System, Air-Cooled Condensers, Coils

 VRF - Variable Refrigerant Flow

VRF Variable Refrigerant FlowVariable refrigerant flow (VRF) products combine the power of multiple indoor fan coil units with the convenience of one outdoor condensing unit. Install up to 40 fans with independent refrigerant flow and efficient system zoning.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

ductworkAlert AC’s custom sheet metal fabrication services will help you craft custom duct systems for a one-of-a-kind installation. Every property is unique. Our custom ductwork will help you manage airflow for optimum efficiency and performance. Get the most heating and cooling from your commercial HVAC systems with ducts thoughtfully designed by our experienced technicians.

Commercial & Industrial Ventilation Systems

ventilation systemOur commercial and industrial ventilation solutions are designed to allow your business to meet health codes, create a safe working environment, and ensure a good experience for your customers. These industrial ventilation systems include kitchen exhaust systems, smoke evacuation arrays, clean rooms, manufacturing and production systems, make-up air systems, and more.

Building Automation

building automationYou don’t have time to micromanage every aspect of your commercial air conditioning systems. Tropic-kool Engineering has the answer in the form of Carrier building automation systems. These products will help you optimize energy efficiency, pinpoint trouble areas, and manage comfort levels throughout your property.


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