Building Management Solutions

Carrier Control ExpertControlling your heating and cooling systems is about far more than setting a thermostat. Today’s building management systems give you complete control over every aspect of your workplace comfort. The right building management solutions will give you strategic control over your facility’s temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality. Tropic-kool Engineering can help you select the right system for your building and install your new building management controls for unparalleled levels of comfort control.

Understand Your Comfort Trends

Enhanced building management solutions are about more than control. They’re about increasing your knowledge so you can make informed choices that will soften the impact on your bottom line while maintaining optimum comfort levels in your facility.

Carrier’s I-Vu building management system lets you view trends, assess alarms, and generate custom reports. This information will help you design smart schedules that minimize energy use. Is your building using excessive amounts of energy at night when the facility is empty? Are you paying too much to cool unoccupied areas? You can easily tweak your settings and monitor the results for improved building management.

Stay in Control While You’re Away

Carrier’s building management systems are accessible on-site as well as via the internet or a mobile app. This means you’re in control of your facility, whether you’re in the building or across the country. You don’t have to spend every day on property to keep a tight fist on your expenses. Eliminate unnecessary costs and increase the energy efficiency of your commercial property with the right building management solutions.

Compatible Controls for Every Installation

Carrier’s I-Vu building management system is compatible with all Carrier commercial equipment. This means you can upgrade your current installation easily. You don’t need to start from scratch or install new heating and cooling systems from the ground up. Simply take control of the appliances that are already in your building. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money and go greener. One simple installation can make a world of difference for your facility.

Contact Us to Explore Your Options

Are you ready to explore the possibilities available with a new building management system? Contact Tropic-kool Engineering today to explore your options. We can analyze your current installations and help you choose the upgrades that best suit your needs. Take your property management to the next level with improved building management solutions. Call us today at 727-581-2824.