4 Signs Your St. Petersburg, FL Commercial HVAC System Needs Service

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Commercial HVAC Service

In milder climates, a poorly running or broken commercial AC system isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Employees and customers might be slightly uncomfortable, but they’d get by. But here in St. Petersburg, Florida and the surrounding areas, well-functioning commercial HVAC systems might mean the difference between your business being able to operate or not, especially in the warmer months.

Your HVAC system keeps the air cool and dehumidified for your workers and your customers, which means breakdowns can not only impact efficiency but potentially sales as well. Here are five red flags to look to watch for that your Tampa, FL commercial HVAC system might need maintenance.

Out-of-Control Utility Bills

Commercial utility bills are never cheap, but if you’ve seen a substantial upward trend in recent years, your HVAC unit might be the culprit. Lighting and HVAC are the largest energy consumers in commercial settings, so if your energy bills are going up inexplicably, it likely has something to do with the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Poorly maintained HVAC systems often accumulate dirt, debris, etc. over time that reduces the efficiency of the unit as well as the quality of the air. Failing to maintain the system regularly will also cause the parts to slowly wear out, forcing the system to work harder to keep your building cool and comfortable. The result is lost energy and higher-than-usual utility bills.

Complaints from Customers and Employees

Business owners and managers may not always be on the property to notice changes in temperature or humidity, but employees are on site day in and day out. The same goes for regular customers. Are your workers or clientele complaining that your building seems warmer or more humid than normal? Have they noticed that the temperature of the building is several degrees warmer than what the thermostat is set at? These are all signs that it might be time for a HVAC maintenance call.

Unusual Noises

Most Tampa, FL commercial HVAC systems are designed to function away from the primary workspace, so you typically shouldn’t hear the unit operating. What you should listen for are any noises that are out of the ordinary, such as clanking, banging, popping, clicking, or squealing. These noises could mean several things, such as a loose or broken part, a bad filter, the presence of debris, a refrigerant leak, etc.

Strange Smells Coming from Vents

If your AC unit is running as it should, you shouldn’t smell anything. Bad smells always mean it’s time to call an HVAC technician. For example, if there’s a burning smell coming from your vents, you could have an overheating motor or a bad capacitator.

However, if you detect a mildew smell, you might have mildew or mold on your evaporator coils or a clogged condensate line. If you smell something like rotten eggs, you might have a pest issue in your ductwork.

In any case, your AC unit needs a maintenance check. Remember that if you smell anything like gas, you might have a gas leak and should evacuate immediately.

Commercial HVAC systems represent a major investment in your business. Protect that investment and keep your people comfortable by maintaining your system regularly. Tropic-Kool Engineering has a team of certified commercial HVAC technicians who can clean, inspect, repair, and maintain your business’ AC unit. To set up an appointment, give us a call at 727-581-2824.

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