Equipment Overhaul

Did you purchase your commercial property long after it was built? Are you struggling with an HVAC system that never seems to deliver the desired comforts, or generates massive bills for moderate cooling? Don’t settle for a system that underperforms or overcharges. You can dramatically improve your efficiency and comfort by overhauling your HVAC equipment. Tropic-kool Engineering can show you how.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient AC Equipment

If you’re using outdated equipment, you’re overpaying for your heating and cooling. Today’s Energy Star equipment is far more efficient than older models. If you have an air conditioner or heater that’s more than 10 years old, you’ll enjoy significant savings from an upgrade. Our qualified HVAC technicians can assess your current needs and recommend the best Carrier installation for your commercial facility.

In addition to an energy efficient heater or air conditioner, you can also save money with a programmable thermostat or powerful building automation system. Do you know what temperatures your facility maintains while you’re away? Are you adjusting the settings for the time of day and day of the week? Enjoy the convenience of customization by installing a building management system that gives you complete control over your HVAC systems.

Size Your Commercial HVAC System the Right Way

If your current HVAC system wasn’t installed by a knowledgeable professional, it might be too large or too small. A heating and cooling system that’s oversized will cycle on and off frequently, generating massive energy bills. One that’s too small will run continuously without delivering the comfort you’re after. Both situations create big bills for minimal comforts.

A knowledgeable NATE-certified HVAC technician can assess your building and recommend appropriately sized AC equipment. Overhaul your HVAC system and choose an installation that’s sized for your building so you’re enjoying an affordable and comfortable cool in the Tampa weather.

Install Custom Ductwork

Haphazard ductwork design can lead to air loss between your heating and cooling system and your air registers. Ducts that aren’t properly sealed or insulated can result in energy losses of up to 20 percent. Whether you need repairs to a dated system or a more direct design, Tropic-kool can assist. We have our own sheet metal shop and welding department so that we can fabricate custom ducts on-site.

Evaluate Your Building for Smart Upgrades

Our certified professionals can give your HVAC equipment a thorough inspection to identify areas where you’ll benefit from an overhaul. Whether you need new air conditioning equipment, an upgraded automation system, or custom ductwork designs, we can help you find a solution that fits your needs. Contact Tropic-kool Engineering at 727-581-2824 for an inspection and recommendations.