5 Major Trends in New Commercial Construction (Spoiler: Includes High Efficiency HVAC!)

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As businesses increasingly look toward eco-friendly solutions to keep costs down and the environment healthy, commercial construction has had to respond accordingly. In recent years, most of the major construction trends among Florida properties and businesses have emerged to reflect this push to go green. For example, contractors now want high-efficiency HVAC installations to keep their buildings’ heating and cooling footprints small. Here are the five most significant construction trends happening in Tampa and the surrounding area.

Buying Local

One reason new construction can leave such a massive carbon footprint is due to the cost and energy required to transport raw materials. To minimize the impact of procuring these materials, more and more companies are opting to source their building materials locally. Local materials mean less distance traveled to the building site, thereby reducing the associated carbon emissions.

High Efficiency Commercial HVAC Installation

Did you know that HVAC systems account for 40 to 60 percent of a building’s energy use? With numbers like that, it’s no surprise that builders demand high-efficiency HVAC installations in their new construction. Not only do these advanced HVAC units save businesses money by cutting electricity usage, but they also include features that can improve air quality and overall comfort. Of course, these efficient units also require expert attention to keep them running smoothly, which is why we’ve also seen increased demand for commercial HVAC preventive maintenance.

Zero-Net Energy

ENERGY STAR and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), were once the gold standard for new construction. Now, the industry is taking efficiency to the next level with the goal of zero-net energy buildings. Zero-net energy means that a building produces as much energy as it uses. Commercial builders are using zero-net energy as a selling point to businesses because it is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage.

Daylight, Not Artificial Light

In a trend referred to as “daylighting,” more builders and architects are designing buildings in a way that maximizes the structure’s exposure to natural light. Daylighting techniques include placing skylights and windows to capture sunlight, using reflective surfaces to enhance natural light, and using daylight-responsive lighting systems that automatically adjust dimness depending on the availability of daylight. Doing so can reduce a building’s energy costs by as much as one-third.

Solar Power

Taking advantage of the energy produced by the sun and other alternative energy sources is another trend taking the construction world by storm. Harnessing solar energy provides businesses with a free, green way to power their lights and HVAC systems. The ability to use solar power can dramatically increase an HVAC system’s SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. While solar power is the most popular alternative energy source for businesses, geothermal, wind, and hydroelectric energy may also soon become viable building alternatives to electricity.

If you’re looking for professional high-efficiency HVAC installation in your commercial building, Tropic-Kool Engineering has a team of experienced technicians that can help. Whether you’re looking to build an efficient new building or retrofit an existing one, we can help you cut costs and minimize your environmental impact by installing the most efficient commercial HVAC system. Give us a call at 727-581-2824 to schedule an installation consultation today.

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