Commercial AC Services

Tampa, Florida, has hot humid summers that make quality air conditioning a necessity. Keep your business cool and comfortable with knowledgeable services from Tropic-kool Engineering. Our NATE-certified professionals have extensive training in their field, so we bring you only the best air conditioning installation service, repairs, and maintenance plans.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service in Tampa, FL

Your bottom line relies on having a reliable commercial air conditioning system. It affects everything, from worker productivity to health insurance premiums to visitor (and customer) comfort.  Here are just some of the commercial services that Tropic-kool Engineering is more than happy to provide for your commercial space:

Professional Installation for Commercial Needs

Commercial facilities have very different needs than residential ones. You need a properly sized unit to keep up with the demands of your building, whether you’re cooling a retail establishment, hotel, restaurant, warehouse, or office space. At Tropic-kool Engineering, we have a well-trained staff of HVAC technicians who know how to assess your building and determine your sizing needs.

An HVAC unit that’s too large will cycle on and off unnecessarily, increasing your operational expenses. A unit that’s too small will run continuously, suffering excessive wear for inadequate cooling. It’s important to find a unit that fits that sweet spot, offering exactly what you need for the size of your facility.

With summer temperatures in the 90s and winters with highs that stay around 70, you’ll want to have high-quality cooling available year-round. Our commercial air conditioning installation service will make sure you have exactly what you need to maximize productivity and create a comfortable welcoming space for customers and employees alike.

Custom Ductwork Design

At Tropic-kool Engineering, we’re all about customization and personalized solutions. Our commercial air conditioning services include custom ductwork design and sheet metal fabrication. Make sure your air moves efficiently from your cooling unit to the delivery registers with direct ductwork design and professional fabrication.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

Installing the right air conditioning unit is only the first step toward efficiently cooling your workplace. Tropic-kool Engineering offers all the services you need to keep your HVAC system in prime condition long after installation. Our HVAC repair services include knowledgeable diagnosis and affordable repair solutions. If your system isn’t working as it should, contact our technicians for a prompt visit to find out what’s amiss.

Regular HVAC maintenance will help minimize your repair needs and increase the life of your system. Sign up for a commercial maintenance plan to make sure you never forget these important tune-ups. Our friendly technicians will give your system a thorough inspection to make sure everything’s in working order. They’ll lubricate moving parts, tighten electrical connections, clean the unit, and look for problem areas. Schedule annual maintenance for the best performance.

Schedule Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Whether you’re considering a new commercial air conditioning installation or you’re overdue for a standard maintenance visit, Tropic-kool can help. Contact us today at 727-581-2824 to book the commercial services you need for comfort, efficiency, and affordability in your facility.