Preventive AC Maintenance

Don’t wait until you’re facing down a major problem with your commercial HVAC system to reach out to your HVAC technician. At Tropic-kool Engineering, we aim to build ongoing relationships with our customers based on quality maintenance services that minimize the need for repairs later.

Commercial Maintenance for Tampa, FL, Facilities

Scheduling regular maintenance during the year will improve your energy efficiency, extend the life of your system, and head off issues so you can get tune-ups and replacements early before you’re looking at an uncomfortable down time. Our preventive commercial maintenance solutions are comprehensive, and they include (but aren’t limited to):

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

You should have your HVAC system serviced at least once a year for optimum performance. Ideally, you’ll schedule your air conditioner tune-up in early spring, before you’re relying heavily on your air conditioning to beat the sweltering heat of a Tampa summer. Heating maintenance is best done in fall, before you need to turn your heater on for the first time.

Minimize Repairs

With regular commercial HVAC preventive maintenance, you can minimize the need for repairs. When inevitable repairs are needed, you’ll know who to turn to. The same qualified HVAC technicians who handle your tune-ups can help you with system repairs.

We offer commercial chiller repairs for all types of equipment. Whether you need retubing, tube cleaning, refrigerant conversion, or equipment retrofits, our chiller repair services will get you back in shape. Is your commercial HVAC unit located on the roof? Tropic-kool Engineering offers rooftop repairs for commercial facilities. We address all issues related to rooftop HVAC units, and ensure that local building codes are strictly adhered to along the way.

HVAC Maintenance for Cooling Towers and Pumps

There are many different systems that you can use to efficiently heat and cool commercial spaces. Tropic-kool Engineering offers repair and maintenance services for all types of HVAC equipment, including cooling towers and pumps. Cooling towers transfer heat between air and water to affordably cool your office or industrial space.

HVAC pumps are an essential component for fluid heat transfer. We can handle repairs and maintenance for all types of HVAC pumps, from circulating pumps for low-capacity systems to compact close-coupled pumps to flexible split-case pumps.

Welded Ductwork Maintenance

Tropic-kool Engineering operates its own welding facility. We handle sheet metal fabrication for custom duct systems on-site, so we have all the equipment and knowledge needed to deal with welded ductwork maintenance projects. If your ducts need a little extra care or custom retrofitting, we can help you find a personalized solution that perfectly meets your needs.


Schedule Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance

With decades of experience, Tropic-kool is more than qualified to be your Tampa property’s preferred contractor for all things related to preventive maintenance for your commercial HVAC system. Call Jim at 727-241-1885 to book your Tampa HVAC preventive maintenance services today. Download the Preventive Maintenance Agreement form here.