Design Building Services

Design building services combine design and construction in one project, so you have the same company analyzing your needs, crafting custom solutions, and executing the final implementation of your new system. Tropic-kool Engineering offers quality design build services and plan & spec services that will help you upgrade your commercial HVAC systems for comfort, efficiency, and affordability.

Designs That Meet Your Needs

Tropic-kool Engineering’s design build contractors can design custom HVAC solutions for your property using your exact specifications. Working from an in-person site visit or your detailed drawings, we can develop a solution that meets all your commercial needs, from selecting the right heating and cooling systems to laying out custom ductwork. We address all aspects of property management including convenience, comfort, and cost.

Our experienced design professionals will let you know what installations you need to support your building’s size, layout, and operational needs. Do you want an HVAC system that will keep your upstairs offices cool while minimizing energy use in unoccupied storage areas downstairs? Are you battling the heat from a bank of servers in one room while struggling to keep adjacent meeting spaces from freezing out your clients? From split systems to variable refrigerant flow (VRF) installations, we have everything you need for optimum comfort.

Detail-Oriented Solutions

Designing an HVAC system requires thoughtful attention to many different elements. We consider space usage, airflow, drafts, obstacles, operating noise, and more when crafting your system. Our finished design will optimize energy efficiency so you can enjoy a greener property and lower utility costs. We keep comfort and functionality high on our list of must-haves. You’ll stay cozy in the crisp winters and cool in Florida’s sweltering summers. We also address indoor air quality (IAQ) so you can breathe easy.

Low indoor air quality can make your employees feel sick and sluggish. Keeping the air fresh and clean will improve productivity and reduce the number of sick days your staff takes. Our design building services ensure you have everything you need in one affordable package.

Easy Design Implementation

Our comprehensive design build services include complete implementation of our HVAC designs. We offer custom duct building on-site, so we can fabricate ductwork from scratch to your exact specifications. We’ll collaborate as needed with other construction professionals on site to make sure your commercial HVAC installation fits flawlessly with the finished design of your building. When the project is complete, we provide you with the warranties and documentation you need to maintain your custom HVAC installation.

Schedule Your Design Build or Plan & Spec Consultation

If you’re planning a new installation, schedule a consultation with Tropic-kool Engineering to find out how our design build or plan and spec services can meet your needs. Call us today at 727-581-2824 to get started with your personalized commercial HVAC plans.